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We'd like to thank the lovely team at Be Good Clothing for giving us permission to use their imagery. Here's a bit about them (in their own words):

How It All Started

Working at a huge San Francisco clothing retailer left us craving innovation. Fashion is so tightly knit into culture, expression, and community that we couldn't accept being plagued by "doing as we've always done."  We know the passion, creativity, andpracticality of the industry, but we also know about the waste and pollution that precedes it. From this, BeGood was born: a company committed to clothes that are timeless in their profile, outrageously affordable and unprecedented in their organic and sustainable qualities. We are dedicated to making the responsible choice accessible. We are dedicated to making the responsible choice the desirable choice.


Organic Materials

We vet all of our mills and factories. Many are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Organic cotton farms use no pesticides or herbicides that end up on our skin or in groundwater. We also use biodegradable and naturally-occurring textiles like silk, modal, and bamboo, all of which are toxin-free, healthy and luxuriously soft. We use low-impact fabric dyes, meaning that they are non-toxic and chemical waste is nearly eliminated. Our packaging is biodegradable and we offer in-store pickup from our San Francisco flagship for those who like to explore on foot. That's it. We've made timeless fashion current, accessible and responsible. No doubt at all about that.